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Public Private Partnerships

Hotel Appraisers & Advisors is the national leader in advising public-sector clients about structuring public-private partnerships for hotel developments. Whether you are seeking to attract a private developer to build a hotel or you are aiming to form a nonprofit company to issue tax-exempt bonds for a convention headquarters hotel, our consultants will provide the expertise and industry knowledge you need to make smart decisions.

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Hotel Appraisers & Advisors is a national hotel appraisal and consulting company. We specialize in hotel, motel, and resort valuations. A deep knowledge of hotel financial performance and market potential is needed to understand values in the hospitality sector. Clients trust HA&A because we have the knowledge and experience needed to understand what really affects hotel values.


HA&A Architects provides affordable architecture and design services for the hotel industry. We specialize in hotels, so we benefit from economies of scale. Our services include schematic designs, design development, architectural drawings, bidding, permitting, and construction administration. Clients can choose any or all of these services to exactly match what their projects require without paying for services they do not need.

Asset Management

Hotel Appraisers & Advisors offers owners a way to maximize the asset value of their hotels. Our streamlined process focuses narrowly on enhancing revenues, reducing expenses, and evaluating labor efficiency at your hotel, motel, or resort. Unlike our competitors, we focus on results rather than reports, and we do not require multi-year contracts for our hotel asset management services.

A good hotel feasibility study requires knowledge of how hotels compete for lodging demand. Only an experienced hotel feasibility consultant can separate what matters from noise in the data. Knowledge of how hotel supply and demand interact and how competitive advantages translate to performance requires a lot of experience. Clients choose HA&A to help them make important decisions because experience matters.

Hotel Appraisers & Advisors – National leaders in hotel consulting and valuation. Our clients want advisors they can trust. Our consultants provide unbiased opinions based on expertise and knowledge.