Join Us

Hotel Appraisers & Advisors is seeking talented MAI appraisers and entrepreneurs to become partners within our platform. We are specifically seeking MAI appraisers with substantial hotel appraisal experience who wish to become regional partners or Managing Directors.

We also welcome business proposals from non-appraisers seeking to grow business lines within our company. HA&A can be a powerful incubator from which entrepreneurs can launch start-up businesses that provide services to the hospitality industry. Our platform and industry standing will enhance your credibility and expand your access to potential customers. You will continue to have majority control of your business and have ultimate responsibility for developing your services, finding customers, and generating revenues.  HA&A is currently seeking entrepreneurs to create business start-ups in the following categories:

Appraisers – Do you have an established book of business for hotel appraisals in your state or region and want to become a partner at HA&A?

Brokerage – Are you a licensed real estate broker seeking to start a specialized practice in hotel brokerage?

Cyber Security – Do you have experience evaluating cyber security and recommending solutions that could be applied to hotel industry clients?

Design – Are you an architect seeking to create your own hotel design services business within our platform?

Executive Search – Are you an experienced executive search professional aiming to start your own hotel-focused executive search business?

Furniture Manufacturer – Are you a furniture manufacturer that wants to create a product line for hotels through a strategic partnership with HA&A?

Lawyers – Are you an attorney wishing to start your own practice offering hotel-related legal services?

Project Managers – Are you a construction project manager who has experience serving as an owner’s representative?

Software Developers – Are you a software developer with ideas about how to create valuable applications and software for the hotel industry?

We appreciate your interest in joining HA&A. Business partners interested in creating a start-up or partnership under our company’s brand should submit a one-page business plan directly to our president. This letter should highlight your educational background and work experience. It should also summarize your proposed business service or appraisal region. Next, you should describe existing customers you currently serve, and the annual revenue this represents. Briefly discuss how you plan to grow your revenue and customer base. You should include specific ideas about how you believe HA&A can help you maximize your revenue potential.  Please submit letters directly to Mr. Detlefsen at: