Seeking An Expert?



We are experts in hotel valuation. Our hotel appraisal services include MAI appraisals, portfolio valuations, appraisal reviews, litigation support, expert testimony, and property tax allocation appraisals.


Are you a developer seeking a partner or advisor with specialized hotel industry knowledge? We offer a range of development services to help you maximize your hotel development opportunities.


Is your board of directors seeking input from experienced hotel industry specialists? We help REITs, Family Offices, Private Equity Funds, and Investment Banks evaluate growth strategies and investment opportunities.

Here’s How We Can Help

MAI Appraisals

Our appraisals are certified by designated members of the Appraisal Institute (MAI).

Feasibility Studies

We can determine whether your project is feasible. If it’s not feasible, we can quantify the feasibility gap.

Board of Directors

We help boards evaluate growth strategies and investment opportunities in the hotel sector.

Appraisal Reviews

Do you need a second opinion? Our experts can review and comment on hotel appraisals you’ve received.

Site Selection

Do you need help evaluating a site? Hotels have unique site selection criteria.

Acquisition Analysis

Our Hotel Acquisition Analysis Packets can help you analyze and prioritize your acquisition opportunities.

Portfolio Valuation

Hotel portfolio investors rely on us to determine the value of each property and the aggregate portfolio.

Brand Selection

Selecting the right brand is critical for success. Investors must think offensively and defensively.

Investment Analysis

Our Hotel Investment Analysis Packets can help you analyze and prioritize your investment opportunities.

Litigation Support

When valuation disputes arise, sometimes litigation can be necessary. We offer unbiased, expert opinions.

Management Contracts

We help you select the right management company and negotiate a contract that reflects your priorities.


Need help reorganizing financials to comply with the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry?

Property Tax Allocation

Assessors and hotel owners alike rely on HA&A when they want honest, unbiased value opinions.

RFP Assistance

Seeking to attract hotel development? We help communities manage their RFPs to maximize outcomes.

Public-Private Partnerships

Public-private partnerships can be effective, but complicated. Our public policy background can help.